About Manusia RENT

About Our Rental Collection

The items for Manusia RENT can be worn to many different occasions. We tried to sample a collection with evening wear, outfits that you can wear to a birthday, a brunch with friends, a date night - you name it!

All the clothing items are either second-hand (have been worn before) or are from curated brands that we want to support.


The Rental Process

Have a look - Browse online or go to one of our Pop-Ups to see the clothes. We advise to try on the dresses before your rent them to ensure that the garments fit you perfectly.

Pick your outfit - Find what you like, choose when & how long you want to rent it for and select if you either want the item to be shipped or like to pick it up at one of our Pop-Ups. Our Pop-Ups are self-service, meaning you can take the garment including he hanger and a garment bag with you after successful payment.

Simply rent - Enjoy! Wear your rental clothes with pride and care. Also don't forget to send us a cute picture and to tag us.

P.S.: If you’re at one of our Pop-Ups, you can help yourself to a garment bag and a hanger and take the product with you after successful payment.

Easily return - Return your items, garment bag and hanger to the return location mentioned in the confirmation email or send it back via post.


Sustainable Dry Cleaning

You don't have to worry about dry-cleaning the item! As soon as you return the item, we will make sure to get the item ready for our next customer. We work with the dry-cleaner Öko-Textil who has decades of experience in cleaning clothes in a sustainable manner. Instead of using the conventional, toxic dry-cleaning method, they use an innovate & sustainable method called wet washing.

Find more about them here.


Pilot Project

Market research – At Manusia we try to find the best way possible to deliver clothing with a positive impact, both on the community and the environment. In cooperation with the FHNW we conducted a Swiss-wide market survey to analyze the demand for rental fashion and due to the positive feedback, we have further developed our business model to a rental model.

Rental business model – This business model is a concept where you can affordably rent trendy fashion items for a limited period. Through such a model, you can dress yourself with a variety of clothing for special occasions while making a positive environmental impact and reducing waste by prolonging the lifecycle of each dress we provide.

Testing – We would like to test out this business model and see whether you all like it. This also means that we are starting very small and would love to grow into a brand with excellent customer experience.

If you like our concept, have new ideas or have brands that you would love to wear but can't afford, please send us an email.