Our Impact

We at Manusia try to find the best way possible to deliver clothing with a positive impact, both on our community and our environment.

In Partnership with One Tree Planted 

The name Manusia is Indonesian and means "human". We fell in love with the people of Indonesia and have visited factories and communities around Denpasar. We would love to continue to support local communities and the environment by planting a tree in Indonesia for each item we sell. This is why we partnered up with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that support conscious brands in their sustainability efforts. 
The project focuses on the Kalimantan region in Borneo, home to the Tanjung Puting National Park. In 2015, rampant fires burnt and destroyed more than 30,000 hectares of its forest. One Tree Planted works to restore areas affected by these fires, as well as those threatened by the palm oil industry and illegal mining operations. 

Sustainable Materials

Key Piece Collection

We used 100% GOTS certified organic cotton for the entire key piece collection, to ensure there are less chemicals and less water consumed in the agriculural process. The clothing was produced in Izmir, Turkey - from cotton bud to woven material! 
Summer Collection
We used leftover deadstock fabric for the summer collection. This means that fabric that would otherwise would go to waste was used to produce these clothing items. It also means that this collection varies in the number of pieces and we tried to make the most out of every fabric. 
Our packaging is 100% recycable as we do not use any prints on the covers and keep paper use to a minimum. 

Ethical Measures

Key Piece Collection

We are proud to say our clothing for the key piece collection was produced by Orimpex. Their factory is located in Izmir, Turkey. We have visited all their production sites, received copies of their working contracts and have spoken to different people from within the corporation. Orimpex uses organic textiles, has a certificate for "Equality for Women at Work" and is part of the Fair Wear Foundation.
Summer Collection
Our summer collection was designed and produced in Basel, Switzerland by the incredible seamstress Rachel Bühler. We were so proud to work with local talents to create this collection.