The Founders

Manusia first started when we became increasingly aware of the fashion industry’s consequences. With no ethically and environmentally conscious brands we could relate to, Manusia was created to provide an alternative to fast fashion garments.



Manusia means "human" in Indonesian. We chose this name to represent humanity in the fashion industry. Being human to all workers in the production chain and being one with our environment. The people of Indonesia inspired us on our travels, which is why we would like to give back to them as much as we can. Read more about our strategies in "Our Impact".


The Key Piece Collection

Manusia’s mission is to create a timeless key piece collection for ethically and environmentally conscious women, while promoting and guaranteeing best practice labour conditions and sustainable buying.  

We give each garment an exclusive feel by keeping
production at the minimum order quantity. Manusia does not promote sales and aims for a „first-come, first-serve“ sales stategy.


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